Friday, August 17, 2018


…“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”― Hafiz of Shiraz

…Probably is probably one of the least reliable words in the English language.

…Pulsing is an interesting word.  I kind of love it.

…Dear Insomnia, I know you’re just trying to make me more productive, but thanks anyway.  Lately, it’s just me, the chair, and a blank screen at 3:30.

…Our futures float by without us in them and all I can do is make up another story.

…I sure wrote a lot of sad stuff yesterday.  I know how much that surprises you.

…How was your Thursday night?  Lots of laughter?  Hope so.

…I don’t think most annoying people are aware that they’re annoying, and usually that only makes them more annoying.

…I sweat, I sweat, and therefore I am.

…I have a framed check for $40 from a story that took second place in a contest way back in 1993.  I never cashed the check, of course.  I often forget it’s there, but once in a while, like just now, I notice it and there’s a little surge of warmth that runs through me.

…I’m one of the few people who are not a Beatles fan, but, “All you need is love”—yeah, I think so.

…No, really, you’re the masterpiece.

…Compare, contrast, repeat.  Never a good idea.

…Isn’t it weird to think you could die at any second for some bizarre reason?  I know that sounds awful, but if you think about it objectively, outside of yourself, isn’t it really bizarre, life snatched away for no reason?

…It’s kind of amazing the different ways I can torture myself.  I mean, who does that?

…Even if you believed in nothing, you found yourself shouting Amen whenever you heard Aretha sing.

…She’s gone, but she’d not dead.

…This movie has to have a happy ending, but the big question is how?

…Good grief.  On my eight-mile run this morning I had this stuck in my head the whole time:
…To make matters worse, I found this:
……I wonder what it would be like to wake up thinking, This could be the best day of my life.  I suppose lots of people do that.

…There’s nothing better than having a baby stare at you in wonder with a grin. 

…Dear Sprinkler, I can’t tell if I’m crying or if that’s you.

…If it matters to you, then it’s important.  If it doesn’t, then it isn’t.

…I spent my life arguing how I mattered until I didn’t.

…Dead is the safest I’ve ever been.  I’ve never felt so alive.

…You could call me.  We could talk.  That’d be nice.

…Somehow, I still have more to say, even though I’m typically the listener in the bunch.

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